The 2th Ecologic Ultra Trail on 3-5 AUGUST 2018 in ARTVİN-MACAHEL

Welcome to the Ecologic Ultra Trai and to the Macahel UNESCO World Biosphere Reserved Area








Macahel Biosphere Reserve

 The Camili (Macahel old name the area) Biosphere Reserve is located in the northeast of Turkey, specifically in the Kolchic sub-region of the Euro-Siberian phytogeographic area. Mountains surround Camili on three sides, and the Georgian border forms the northern edge of the reserve. The topography of the northwestern area is characterized by the Karcal Mountains (3,415 metres high), while three main valleys – the Ugur-Maral, Efeler and Düzenli – are also found within the reserve.

(The content taken from UNESCO website)

Ecological Characteristics

The main ecosystem types in the Camili Biosphere Reserve are boreal coniferous forests and temperate deciduous forests, including tree species such as Alns glutinosa (Black alder), Picea orientalis (Oriental spruce), Tilia rubra ssp. Caucasicus(Caucasus lime tree) and Quercus petraea(Sessile oak). In addition, the Camili basin forms part of the ‘Karçal Mountains Important Plant Area’ – one of the 122 most important plant areas in Turkey. The basin is also the only region where the Caucasus bee has remained untouched, making it one of the three most important bee species in the world. 
(The content taken from UNESCO website)


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