ecologic ultra trail

Choose your way to Ecologic Ultra Trail

Hopa is easily accessible by national and international flights, intercity buses and cars.


by plane

The best way to get to the Ecological Ultra Trail is by plane.

International Batumi airport is the easiest way to reach Hopa. It is recommended that you buy your tickets as Hopa if you are coming from Turkey. This is the cheap way to come from Turkey to Hopa. The plane is still descending to Batumi airport but it is considered as domestic. 

The second closest airport to Hopa is Trabzon airport. The Havaş service brings you to Hopa. The organization will transfer you from Hopa where you will stay.

by bus

Everywhere in Turkey there is transportation to Hopa by bus. The roads are clean for bus use. Many alternative firms work to Hopa. It will also be announced when the bus ferry is sponsored for transportation.

by car

Everywhere in Turkey there is transportation to Hopa by car. The roads are clean for car use.

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